Client: Mom+Pop
Project: Tom Morello: The Atlas Underground
Skill: Layout Design

Client: Snny
Project: “Otito” EP Website
Skills: Photo, Design  + Development

Client: Mom+Pop
Project: Sunflower Bean, “Twentytwo in Blue”
Skill: Layout Design

Client: Opening Ceremony
Project: In-store iPad Signup & Newsletters
Skill: Web Development

Client: Grand Jury
Project: Jordana, “Classical Notions of Happiness”
Skill: Layout Design

Client: Kindness
Project: “Something Like a War” Album Website
Skill: Web Development

Client: Netflix
Project: Internal Employee Poetry E-Book
Skill: Design

Client: Ramy Brook
Project: Campaign Development & Newsletters
Skill: Web Development

Client: Innovators for Biden
Project: Website
Skill: Web Design & Development

Client: Budweiser + doNYC
Project: 50 Years to the Moon: An Exploration of Space and Beer
Skills: Design + Installation

Client: Korin
Project: Glassware & Tableware Websites
Skill: Photography, Design & Web Development